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How the Bird Box Can Help With Chronic Pain

Looking for help with chronic pain, but haven’t seen the Bird Box? Go watch it now! Everyone I know has been telling me to watch this Netflix movie…and it just so happened I had some time to kill yesterday, so I watched it with Lauren. Just so you know, I don’t enjoy scary movies, but

Greenwood Village Chiropractor shares 2 ways to avoid pain while sleeping

As a practicing Greenwood Village chiropractor, I get a lot of questions about back pain and what might be causing it. Most people aren’t surprised to learn that their sleeping habits may be playing a role… If you’re used to waking up after a night of sleep with pain, keep reading because I’m going to

The problem with pain management…

The idea of pain management is like giving up and accepting defeat. As if there’s no way you’re getting past this discomfort.  So, instead of fighting for a better quality of life, you’re going to just palliate the symptoms. Now, before we go too far, I know there are many out there who aren’t buying

How long will it take for pain relief?

How long will it take to get pain relief? It depends. How long has the pain been there? Even more important…how long has the underlying problem been there? See, pain is almost never the real problem…(why do you keep getting back pain?)