Does chiropractic work?

man asking does chiropractic work?

Does chiropractic work?  That’s a great question!

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Before I answer the question, does chiropractic work…

It’s important to ask what the objective of chiropractic is…or what you’re using it for.

For most people, if they ask “does chiropractic work?”, they’re asking if it can get rid of their symptom. Unfortunately, that is a more difficult question to answer.

Every physical body, lifestyle, and life experience is different.

Try as we may, there is no one size fits all when it comes to health or chiropractic.

Therefore, if the goal is to get rid of pain, or some other symptom, chiropractic will sometimes work.

It may even work more frequently, than sometimes.

But it doesn’t work for that objective every time.


Because chiropractic was designed to enhance the function of your nervous system.  It was never designed to treat a specific symptom or pain.

That’s a very important distinction that needs to be made.

Treating symptoms is a Western Medicine approach.

Chiropractic should not be grandfathered into this philosophy, because if it is, it will fail.

Chiropractic WORKS for improving the function of the brain and nervous system.  This is not up for debate.  It’s scientific fact.

However, this might not equate to pain or symptoms going away.  It might simply mean the body is functioning at a better overall level than before chiropractic was introduced.

The important thing to consider is what outcome you’re going for.  If you’re simply looking for a quick-fix, or short-term relief…then you may want to consider seeing a medical doctor or a specific type of therapist who can treat the issue.

If you’re interested in improving the function of your nervous system, then chiropractic will absolutely work for you!