4 exercises for neck pain working at home…

4 exercises for neck pain relief

In this blog post, you’ll discover 4 exercises for neck pain relief while working at home.

Millions of people are working from home right now.

A good percentage of them are sitting at desks that are the wrong height, with computer monitors that are positioned too low.

This setup will be a disaster for neck problems.

For these exercises, all that’s needed is a towel roll, firm water bottle, or pool noodle.

If you can find one of those, you’re good to go!

Neck pain relief while working at home is achievable, it just needs consistent effort over a window of time.

1) Neck Range of Motion:

The first exercise is taking the neck through the 3 ranges of motion:

  • Flexion and extension
  • Rotation
  • Lateral Flexion

The m0re times this exercise is performed, the better.  We recommend 50 times each direction.

2) Neck Retraction

Most people are sitting at home, working from computer screens that are far too low, for too many hours during the day.

As time goes on, the structure of the spine will begin to shift forward applying biomechanical pressure on the rest of the vertebrae.

In order to address this unhealthy shifting, neck retraction is necessary.

To perform, keep your chin level with the floor and pull your head back over your shoulders.

Most make the mistake of tilting head up towards the ceiling.  Avoid doing this.

Once your head is at the end range of movement, pause for 5-seconds.

Then repeat up to 20 times.

3) Trapezius Stretch

One of the muscles that gets affected the most from an unhealthy position is the Trapezius.  As it gets tighter and tighter, neck discomfort will increase.

This stretch is designed to relieve that tension in the Trapezius.

Bend, or laterally flex your head to one side.  Then traction down gently with that side’s hand.

For a deeper stretch, bend your nose toward that side’s armpit.

Pause for 20-30 seconds on each side.

4) Towel Roll

Find a towel roll, firm water bottle, or pool noodle.

Place it under the neck.  Take care to identify the middle of your neck.  Place the roll there.

Then lay on your back for 10-20 minutes with the roll under the neck.

By utilizing these 4 exercises for neck pain relief while working at home, this should help reduce the amount of discomfort while in a setup that isn’t ergonomically correct.