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“I’m Fanatical About Dogs. And I’m Absolutely Obsessed With Becoming The Best Version Of Myself.”

Hi! I’m Dr. Matthew Pennetti.

I Had the Crazy Idea to Open Prime Chiropractic Because I’m Passionate About Helping Others Live a Life Connected to Friends, Family, and Health.

When I was a senior in college, I suffered from Cluster Headaches, aka “Suicide Headaches”. They threatened to end my college basketball career, put a halt to my education, and led to depression.

Nothing I tried fixed the pain, until I was introduced to a Neuro-Structural Chiropractor who changed everything.

After a few visits, my life and career was back on track. I ultimately graduated, and pursued a career in the profession that saved my life. (Read the full story here.)

Lauren and I met in chiropractic school. Then went on to practice in San Diego for 4-years, helping hundreds of families, office professionals, and elite athletes live a better quality of life.

Recently, we were blessed with our first baby, Braxton. We then decided to move back to Colorado because it’s an ideal spot to raise our family next to the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

When I’m not at work, you’ll find me doing all the chores I skipped out on during the workweek, so I don’t get kicked out of the house. Even though I’m all washed-up, I still find time to attempt re-living the ‘glory days’ on the basketball court.

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Dr. Matthew Pennetti specializes in relief from migraines, back and neck pain, pinched nerves, sciatica and more. He is the first neuro-structural chiropractor in Centennial, CO and truly means it when he says that chiropractic saved his life.

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