How to set up your desk while working from home…

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How to set up your desk while working from home…

Stay at home has been rough for a variety of reasons…

There has definitely been an increase in pain levels.

And I can think of a few factors contributing to the problem…

Gyms are closed, so there is a decline in movement for most people.

Don’t get me wrong…

There are thousands of people out for walks, which is a good start…

But how many people are getting into a deep squat position routinely?

Or, motioning each joint in their body until they’re tired?

Probably not too many, right?

There’s also the increase in processed foods being eaten.

Sugar is a drug and an addictive one at that.

With all the stress and worry, many turn to sugary foods to fill the void and pit in their stomachs.

This only promotes inflammation and increased pain levels.

And finally…

The desk set up.


It’s bad.

I don’t blame anyone.

It’s not like you had time to order an ergonomic set up for your house before the office got shut down and they forced you to work from your kitchen table.

But, the makeshift desk is getting used way more than for just a couple days.

We’re looking at a couple of months, on average.

And if pain levels are going to remain low and not shoot through the roof, you have to know how to set up your desk while working from home.

If you have a desktop, it’s easy…

Make sure your keyboard is in a comfortable position for your arms and hands.

In other words, not too high or too low.

Then make sure the computer monitor is at eye level.

On the other hand…

If you have a laptop, you’ll have to be a little more strategic.

It’s impossible to have a healthy ergonomic position when working with a laptop…

You either have the screen in your lap…

Or, you have to reach up high for the keyboard in order to keep the screen at eye level.

The solution for a laptop is to get a remote keyboard.

Once you have the keyboard, just make sure to put enough books under your laptop to get it in-line with your eyes.

Boom!  You’re ready to work from home.

No risk of back pain, neck pain, or migraines.