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#1 thing to consider in a workout…

I’m always moving.  Because movement is a requirement for a healthy body. When I’m not moving or getting a workout in at my house, I’m training at the Lion’s Den. The reason I choose to workout at the Lion’s Den is due to their spine-first approach. Here’s the thing…when you work for a living, you’re

Back pain at work…try these 3 exercises

Do you get back pain at work? If so, you’re not alone.  There are millions of Americans dealing with the same thing on a regular basis. Back pain is very COMMON in the workplace.  But it’s not NORMAL…(For more info, check out: Is your back pain normal?) The discomfort you feel hints at something more

Is your back pain serious?

Many people suffer with back pain in America.  In fact, according to a study, 80% of the US population will experience the pain at some point in their lives. link to article Low-back discomfort is the single biggest leading cause of disability in America.  According to, back problems are the second-leading reason for visits to

Is walking enough?

Do you enjoy walking? Is it a portion of your exercise? Or, is it all you do? Walking is a great way to get some movement.  However, it might not be the only thing that should be counted on to meet all your exercise requirements. The body was designed to move.  In fact, without movement,