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Number 1 strategy to avoid burnout

In this post, we’re going to share our number 1 strategy to avoid burnout. In order to illustrate our point, allow us to share a little story. Last Tuesday night, Lauren asked me to take the trash out. Our trash can is in the alley behind our garage-which is separate from our house. So, in

Is your exhaustion or low-energy genetic?

Exhaustion affects many moms in America. And if nothing is done about it, it will continue to cause havoc until something gives…usually mom’s health. While it’s a common thought process to deduct that since you’ve always been exhausted, it must be genetic.  After all, if your mom had it…that confirms it, right? WRONG! Genetics are

Do you have chronic fatigue?

Are you suffering with chronic fatigue, or just a bout of low-energy? Chronic fatigue is a syndrome that typically affects people 40-50-years-old. Those dealing with this problem have been struggling for over 6-months with no relief after bed rest. Before we go further…if you’re concerned about your energy levels, make sure to take our free

Why energy drinks make your low energy worse

Monster, Red Bull, Rock Star are some of the more popular options available for low energy. Each of these come with the claim to give you more energy. This may be true…temporarily. But long term, they actually make your fatigue problem much worse! Let’s explore why this is the case… The very idea of an