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Providing CHIROPRACTIC FOR Back Pain Relief in Centennial & Greenwood Village AREAS

Back pain will be experienced by up to 80% of the population. 1 Most people recover from back pain, although it’s common for the back pain to reoccur throughout life, and in some cases become chronic and disabling.

Your back is a complex maze of bones, cartilage, nerves, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Therefore, you could herniate a disc, fracture a vertebrae, tear a muscle, tendon, or ligament, etc.



However, the majority of back pain cases are not due to a serious injury, or disease. Most cases of back pain are mechanical, which means they’re not caused by severe conditions, such as infection, autoimmune disease, or fracture.

At Prime Chiropractic, in Centennial, CO, we see a variety of different kinds of back pain, but the most common form is due to a stationary lifestyle.

This may include too much sitting watching Netflix, or working at your computer. It may also include too much standing while preparing food, or working at a sit-to-stand desk. Lack of movement is the problem. And if this is the case, chances are high your lifestyle is too stagnant and may be contributing to
your back pain. Lack of movement leads to muscles getting stuck together, and joints becoming stuck together. When either of these scenarios happen, the likelihood for pain and discomfort goes up dramatically. Neuro-structural chiropractic can help with back pain relief.


(Treating Symptoms vs. Correcting Core Problems)

Most healthcare providers choose to treat back pain. Traditional chiropractors may manipulate the spine, medical doctors may prescribe opioids, acupuncturists may use needles. All of these approaches are similar to covering up symptoms with a band-aid. While all of these may offer some relief, and may be necessary in certain situations, we don’t recommend this path for most people looking to achieving lasting relief. Long-term change will take a different method than just treating the superficial effects of the problem, i.e. Back pain.

It’s like finding a tree that’s dying with brown and withering leaves. Instead of getting the tree what it so obviously needs, water, you paint over the leaves with green paint. Sure, this stops the symptoms (brown and withering leaves) from showing up so dramatically, but the tree is still dying. Until something is done to address why the symptoms are there in the first place, the tree will continue to wither away. We recognize that pain is very similar. It’s a symptom of something deeper. Oftentimes, with back pain, this symptom may have its root inside the spine and nervous system. We call this a core problem. Once
the core problem is located through a series of objective tests and studies, correction can take place. By addressing the core problem, the body is able to function at a higher level, and if the symptom is directly tied to the core problem, it will improve.

Neuro-Structural Chiropractic Care For Back Pain

Our approach may be very helpful for someone looking to overcome low-back pain and discomfort. This is achieved by getting motion restored into the joints and tissues that are no longer moving optimally (core problems). This process is called mechanoreception. Once motion is restored to the proper areas, the brain begins to control pain levels better. This helps to decrease discomfort, and reduce the likelihood for future injury.

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Get moving!

Maybe you work at a desk for 8-hours per day. Or, possibly you spend most of your time at a standing desk. Either way, you’re still missing a crucial piece to the health equation, movement.The more movement, the better. Set your timer on your phone to go off every 20-minutes while you’re working. When it  beeps, force yourself to get up and move around. Walk to the bathroom, do 20-air squats, or switch positions you’re working in.

This is the only way to keep the joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles attached to your spine happy throughout the workday. With regular practice, you’ll notice quite a bit of back pain relief.

Also, attempt to get more motion in your hips. Many times, the hips are the site of the first problem. They become tight and restricted due to a lack of motion. Then, when you attempt to move or bend over, instead of your hips motioning like they should, they get stuck. This causes your low-back to work harder than it was designed to do. If this persists, eventually back pain is inevitable as you wear out your low-back.

Motioning your hips can help to restore the lack of movement. Try getting into the 90-90 position on the floor or perform the couch stretch.

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If your problem persists, we recommend seeing an expert.