Migraine Treatment in Centennial, CO

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Looking for migraine treatment?

You’re in the right place.

There is much research on this subject.  Unfortunately, there is no definitive cause for all cases of migraines.

A better approach to this problem is understanding that there are multiple causes and triggers.

It’s also important to understand there’s a difference between triggers and causes.

Most people think about red wine, sugar, lack of sleep as being reasons for the migraine.  These are actually triggers, of which there are numerous.

But triggers are not a reason for the problem.  They only tend to exacerbate the issue, or make it worse.

As a migraine chiropractor, what are the main reasons I see someone suffering from migraines?

When it comes to what causes migraines, there are two common causes that are missed frequently with the painful headaches.

  1. The first factor is shifting in the top 3 bones of the neck. Whenever there’s a misalignment in the top of the cervical spine, it can lead to changes in neurological function and also blood flow. There have been several studies showing a link between blood flow restriction and migraine headaches. This is made worse with shifting in the upper neck.
  2. Loss of the normal and healthy cervical curve.

All this is important to understand, otherwise, successful migraine treatment could remain out of reach.

What can you do to relieve migraine pain?

First, begin by assessing the structural integrity of your cervical spine.  Does it contain shifting?

Or, is there a normal curve, and little, to no shifting in your neck?

Without ruling out shifting in the upper 3 bones of your neck, the likelihood for resolving these kinds of problems will not be good.

So, if there is in fact shifting in your neck, the next thing that’s recommended is to correct the underlying problem.

This is done by a professional who is proficient in restoring proper function to the spine and nervous system.  When proper function and alignment are achieved, neurology and blood flow should improve into the head.

For an example of what shifting in the neck looks like, as well as a case study about how it can be resolved, check out this video…


When you’re ready to begin correcting some of the underlying structural problems that may contribute to your migraines, schedule a consultation with migraine expert, Dr. Matt Pennetti of Prime Chiropractic Denver.