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How do you know if your spine has a problem?

Why should you care if your spine has a problem? Because your spine protects the most vital organ system in your body, your Nervous System. And if you have a problem with the shield of bone, called your spine, then you will also have problems with your nervous system, which runs inside it. Furthermore, if

Breastfeeding in public…

It seems as if everywhere you look these days there’s a new article about mothers breastfeeding in public.   This is a polarizing topic for a number of reasons. Regardless of your stance, there’s no arguing the research/literature on the topic. Children who breastfeed exclusively for the first 6-months of their life note a decreased

Is your child’s backpack destroying their spine?

A backpack is a necessary evil.  Even though technology has come a long way, kids still have the need to transport their school supplies to and from class. Backpacks are the go-to for carrying books, notebooks, pens, etc., but are they good for your kids? There is no easy answer. A backpack can be a