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How do you know if your spine has a problem?

Why should you care if your spine has a problem? Because your spine protects the most vital organ system in your body, your Nervous System. And if you have a problem with the shield of bone, called your spine, then you will also have problems with your nervous system, which runs inside it. Furthermore, if

Does chiropractic work?

Does chiropractic work?  That’s a great question! This video will help put an image to the thoughts in this post…Click here to watch, or click below.

Anterior Spinal Distortion and Why You Need to Understand It

The majority of the general public has never heard of Anterior Spinal Distortion. Nor do they understand the implications/effects of it. In comparison, we all know what smoking cigarettes does to the body…increases our chances of lung cancer, among other things. At this point, it’s mainstream/common knowledge. So is the idea that bad posture isn’t

What causes migraines?

If you’re wondering what causes migraines… You’re in the right place. There is much research on this subject.  Unfortunately, there is no definitive cause for all cases of migraines. A better approach to this problem is understanding that there are multiple causes and triggers. It’s also important to understand there’s a difference between triggers and