Number 1 strategy to avoid burnout

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In this post, we’re going to share our number 1 strategy to avoid burnout.

In order to illustrate our point, allow us to share a little story.

Last Tuesday night, Lauren asked me to take the trash out. Our trash can is in the alley behind our garage-which is separate from our house.

So, in order to get to the trash, I have to walk outside, then through the garage, and finally, out to the alley to throw the garbage away.

As I’m typing this, I realize how little work it really is…but that night it seemed like an overwhelming task.  I was already dealing with burnout, and didn’t need more on my plate.

So, instead of taking the extra 30-seconds to complete my chore, I left the trash right outside our back door.

After all, I usually leave the house around 5:30am to get an early start to my day. I decided to just do it then.

Well, the next morning, it was 18-degrees, and pitch-dark outside. I walked out the back door and to my horror, saw trash everywhere. Spread throughout our backyard.

I don’t know if it was the squirrels, or the raccoons, but it was everywhere.

It took me a good 10-minutes to clean it all up. Lesson learned. Nature always wins.

I’m just happy I found it before Lauren did!

The reason I tell that story is because I don’t have it all figured out…I have way more to learn than I have to give at this point.

But, one thing I have learned is the value of a working list of core values…


Because if I don’t get enough of the things that are most important to me on a regular basis, I turn into someone that isn’t very fun to be around.

Just ask my family lol.

Not having a thorough understanding of my core values, is like a ship with no anchor-being bounced all over the ocean in no specific direction.

Very little will be accomplished this way.

It’s also a recipe for anxiety, depression, fatigue, and burnout.

Here’s a list of my core values:

1) spending time with Lauren, Braxton, and my parents,

2) personal growth

3) taking care of my body

4) business growth

5) sports/travel

Have you done this for yourself?

It’s not a superficial exercise.

It’s the answer for enjoying your life and avoiding things like burnout and unhappiness.

In my humble opinion, this is a necessity if you want to stop being bounced around by the waves of life.