How the Bird Box Can Help With Chronic Pain

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Looking for help with chronic pain, but haven’t seen the Bird Box?

Go watch it now!

Everyone I know has been telling me to watch this Netflix movie…and it just so happened I had some time to kill yesterday, so I watched it with Lauren.

Just so you know, I don’t enjoy scary movies, but the Bird Box is more creepy and suspense-like.


Without sharing anything other than what you can pull from the previews, Bird Box is about an apocalyptic-type event that spreads across the world.

And the only way to avoid it is by covering your eyes.

Aside from Sandra Bullock being a phenomenal actress, my favorite part of the movie was the analogy I saw when it comes to help with chronic pain.

Everywhere you look there’s a new “quick-fix”…

And as a chiropractor in Greenwood Village, I see a lot of people in my office frustrated with this approach.

I’m not bashing it. It does have benefits, and many of these new products/services are useful…if, you’re after a quick-fix, or short-term help with chronic pain.

But that’s the thing…

None of the approaches I mentioned actually fix the underlying core problem, or the reason why the person was suffering with pain in the first place.

There’s always a reason for symptoms/disease. We live in a world of cause/effect.

The quick-fix method is focused on treating symptoms and effects. And if successful, this approach will get rid of the top layer.

It’s similar to cutting all the ice off an iceberg that appears above water…

The top layer of ice is gone, but what about all the ice under the water?

Want my two cents?

Now, the iceberg is even more dangerous than before. Because, instead of knowing exactly where the problem is…it’s now hidden from view.

This occurs with your health as well. If you take away the pain by downing an Advil or Aspirin, all you do is cut off the top layer of the iceberg.

The problem is still there, wreaking havoc in your body. Only now, you’re unconscious to all the destruction.

I say all that to say this…

The healthcare system we have in America focuses completely on quick-fixes.  My guess is, more than 98% of all health practitioners are treating symptoms and disease.

This includes medical doctors, traditional chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, physical therapists, etc. Again, nothing wrong with this approach, as long as you know what the objective is.

Here’s the reason Bird Box spoke to me in such a big way…

In order to truly find good health, to escape the chronic pain and problems that the overwhelming majority of Americans find themselves with, you HAVE to do things differently.

Everywhere you look, you’ll see the idea of a quick-fix: TV, Facebook, Instagram, billboards, magazines, etc.

If you don’t pull a blindfold over your eyes and avoid these messages, you’ll fall victim to them.

The road to better health will never change…

Determine which of the 5 daily requirements you’re missing, and then take action to improve them.

This is the only way to address underlying imbalances in the body that cause symptoms and disease.

Is it sexy? Nope. If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know nothing I say or do is 🙂

Is it the truth? Absolutely.