Is your child’s backpack destroying their spine?

How to properly wear a backpack, backpack safety

A backpack is a necessary evil.  Even though technology has come a long way, kids still have the need to transport their school supplies to and from class.

Backpacks are the go-to for carrying books, notebooks, pens, etc., but are they good for your kids?

There is no easy answer.

A backpack can be a big hindrance to your kid’s health for a number of reasons.

Although, without them kids would be unable to carry all the necessary items they need each school day.  To make matters worse, new schools are now being built without lockers.  Ipads, computers, etc. make it easier for kids to not use books.  However, many classes still require the use of the heavy textbooks.

If you’re a parent of a school-aged kid then you’re well aware of the enormous weight your child has to haul around on a daily basis.  This extreme weight isn’t healthy for the structure of a developing spine.

In fact, in the adolescent years while the spine is still growing, heavy or abnormal weight is an extremely negative stress on the body.

A bent twig grows into a crooked tree.

With that said, not all backpacks were created equal.  In fact, some are designed better for carrying heavy loads.  Others should not be used for anything other than a fashion statement.  In fact, if these bags are used for anything purposeful, over time it could lead to structural damage in the body.

There are also specific ways to load a backpack to limit stress on the body.  If weight is distributed incorrectly in the backpack, it can lead to abnormal wear.  This ultimately damages the structure of your child’s spine.

Want to make sure your child’s backpack isn’t causing them problems?

Download the Backpack Safety Guide HERE!

Also, PRIME Chiropractic is currently hosting a backpack and school supplies drive for local Denver area children who don’t have the means to afford basic school supplies.  If you have any backpacks or supplies that you’re not using, please feel free to drop them off at PRIME now until July 20th.