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How do you know if your spine has a problem?

Why should you care if your spine has a problem? Because your spine protects the most vital organ system in your body, your Nervous System. And if you have a problem with the shield of bone, called your spine, then you will also have problems with your nervous system, which runs inside it. Furthermore, if

2-ways to avoid back pain while sleeping

As a chiropractor, I get a lot of questions about avoiding back pain while sleeping. Most people aren’t surprised to learn that their sleeping habits may be playing a role. If you’re used to waking up after a night of sleep with pain, keep reading because I’m going to share 2-ways to avoid pain while

Is your exhaustion or low-energy genetic?

Exhaustion affects many moms in America. And if nothing is done about it, it will continue to cause havoc until something gives…usually mom’s health. While it’s a common thought process to deduct that since you’ve always been exhausted, it must be genetic.  After all, if your mom had it…that confirms it, right? WRONG! Genetics are

3 reasons you may be struggling with fatigue

Fatigue is a common problem in America today. Every American deals with it in varying degrees.  One of the populations most affected by sleep is working moms. They’re always on the go…between getting the kids ready for school, accomplishing everything that needs to be done at the office, cooking food for the family, etc. It’s