3 reasons you may be struggling with fatigue

working mom sleep fatigue exhaustion low energy

Fatigue is a common problem in America today.

Every American deals with it in varying degrees.  One of the populations most affected by sleep is working moms.

They’re always on the go…between getting the kids ready for school, accomplishing everything that needs to be done at the office, cooking food for the family, etc.

It’s exhausting just thinking about it.

Throw in the pressure of living up to the standards of a modern “super mom”, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster…

And that’s just the emotional side of things!

There’s plenty of other stressors that can cause fatigue.

This post is going to focus on the 3 most common reasons you could suffer with exhaustion.

1)Emotional Stress

It’s already been mentioned, but emotional stress causes more disease and problems then it gets credit for.  It’s at the core of many serious illnesses.  Fatigue is one of them.

If you’re worried, full of anxiety, fearful, angry, guilty, etc. your body will release a hormone called Cortisol.  This is a stress hormone that is good to get you out of danger.

But, it’s terrible for any length of time or duration.  It wasn’t meant to be used that way, and when it’s constantly being secreted, because you’re constantly stressing…it leads to hormonal imbalance.

Hormonal imbalance ultimately leads to many problems in the body, one being fatigue and low energy.

2) Lack of sleep.

This is the only time you have to reboot and recharge.

Coincidentally, the average American is getting 5.5 hours of sleep every night.  I’m scared to see what moms get!

The average American should get 7-9 hours.

So, if you’re not getting at least 7-hours each night then you will have an energy problem.

3) Neurological Stress

Not many people understand how important a role the nervous system plays in your health, but it runs everything.

Therefore, if you have too much stress on it, you’re guaranteed to have other areas of your body malfunction.

One of the most common symptoms I see when there’s neurological stress is fatigue.

Think about it, your brain only has a certain amount of energy…and if it’s constantly under stress, it will have to burn more energy than normal just to get through the day.

That’s not good!

It means less energy to run your body, which equates to exhaustion and other symptoms.

Here’s an example of neurological stress, and what the results are after we eliminate it…

fatigue neurologic stress exhaustion

The red and yellow bars signify extreme amounts of neurological stress.  Green and pink bars equal normal to low stress.  Ultimately, we want to see the bars moving in closer to the spine, which signifies a decrease in stress.

The results you see are a direct result of removing neurological stress from the body.

So, whether it’s your emotions, lack of sleep, neurological stress, or a combination of the three…you must take action.

Your health and your family’s depends on it!