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4 Ultimate Exercises for Sciatica Pain Relief

The feeling can be unbearable. It’s a searing, burning pain that starts in your low-back, then shoots down the back of the leg. Forget playing golf or exercising with your friends.  It takes all you have just to get in and out of bed.  Your social life gets put on hold.  Work is torture.  And

Is sitting bad?

As a chiropractor in Greenwood Village, I feel like it’s my duty to help our community understand the nasty effects of sitting. By now, you’ve probably seen the headlines.  Or, heard people like me talk about it. And you’re probably wondering…. Is sitting bad? The short answer is, yes.  It’s as bad as you’ve been

What causes migraines?

If you’re wondering what causes migraines… You’re in the right place. There is much research on this subject.  Unfortunately, there is no definitive cause for all cases of migraines. A better approach to this problem is understanding that there are multiple causes and triggers. It’s also important to understand there’s a difference between triggers and

What really causes heart disease

Low-fat foods was, and still is a thing… For years, Americans have done their best to avoid foods high in fat so they don’t get heart disease. And there are millions who still think they’re doing the right thing by staying away from fatty foods. Low-fat diets are still encouraged by many sources, various doctor