What really causes heart disease

heart disease

Low-fat foods was, and still is a thing…

For years, Americans have done their best to avoid foods high in fat so they don’t get heart disease.

And there are millions who still think they’re doing the right thing by staying away from fatty foods.

Low-fat diets are still encouraged by many sources, various doctor offices and hospitals are notorious for spreading the myth to those hoping to avoid heart disease.

The problem with this approach…

It’s not correct.

If it was, then how come heart disease rates in America have sky rocketed over the past 50-years?

It’s a health myth…and not the only one.  There are hundreds of ideas pertaining to health that have never been proven and are just plain wrong.

This is one of them.

How did it happen?

In the 1960’s the sugar industry got word that there was research linking sugar and heart disease.

Obviously, they were concerned about their business, so they decided to put out their own research.

One thing about research, if you pay enough, you will get the results you want.

Well, the sugar industry got the research they were after.  Sugar wasn’t found to be the cause of heart disease, it was actually saturated fat.

This new ‘research’ spread like wild fire.

Next thing you know, TIME magazine is sharing the idea that fat was the killer.

The myth swept across grocery stores everywhere in America.  Therefore, everywhere you looked there was a package labeled “Fat-Free”.

The problem is this idea was just plain wrong. 

Fat is an essential nutrient in our bodies.  It plays important roles in cellular function, brain function, and is an important source of fuel for our bodies.

The real culprit in the rise of heart disease…


Americans are beginning to discover this fact, heart disease is down 11% in the past 18-years.  However, the fat-free myth is still being spread.

For more reading on this topic, check out this New York Times Article.

As always, don’t trust our word, do your own research.