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Best Chiropractic Office in Centennial

Over 3-years ago, Dr. Lauren and I started planning for Prime Chiropractic. We knew what we didn’t want… We didn’t want to be an office that felt, or conducted business like any other doctor’s office.  We wouldn’t run a mill that just turns and burns practice members. Nor did we want to have an office

Prime Chiropractic 1-year Anniversary!

Prime Chiropractic was the first Neuro-Structural Chiropractic office in Greenwood Village. And we’ve been amazed at how word has spread about our specific approach.  This week marks our 1-year anniversary! Over the past year, we’ve been able to help hundreds of people begin the process or restoring the function of their nervous system.  As well

What really causes heart disease

Low-fat foods was, and still is a thing… For years, Americans have done their best to avoid foods high in fat so they don’t get heart disease. And there are millions who still think they’re doing the right thing by staying away from fatty foods. Low-fat diets are still encouraged by many sources, various doctor

Grand Opening for Denver’s First Neuro-Structural Restoration Clinic

Well, we’ve had our doors open for 4-months now.  But we just got around to holding the Grand Opening for Denver’s first Neuro-Structural Restoration Clinic! When we first started this endeavor, we hoped to change the face of healthcare in the south Denver metro area. There is no shortage of offices that specialize in relief