5 reasons for a migraine and headache

woman suffering from a migraine and headache

June marks the start of Migraine and Headache Awareness Month.

And after what seems like 6-months of winter, spring is finally showing up around the Greenwood Village area!

The dreary weather outside was enough to give someone a migraine and headache.

Lauren is ready to kill me for dragging her from San Diego for this lol.

As a chiropractor in Greenwood Village, I’ve found that many people have dealt with one, or both during their lifetime.

And because of that, the overwhelming thought in America is that migraines/headaches are normal.

While this may be a common issue, they’re anything but normal.

All headaches are symptoms.

Symptoms that something deeper inside the body is malfunctioning.

The only way to correct the problem and restore the body to normal is by finding the root issue.

The good news, is there’s typically only 5-things that could be causing them.

1) Bad Nutrition – things like processed foods, allergies, foods loaded with pesticides, toxins, and artificial coloring, dairy, etc.  All can contribute to headaches.

2) Lack of Sleep – less than 7-hours of sleep is considered inadequate and can contribute to migraines.

3) Poor Mindset – negative emotions lead to the stress response which may trigger headaches

4) Shifting of the Spine – In research done by Harvard Medical School, when there is any shifting of the top 3 vertebrae of the neck, blood supply to the brain decreases which contributes to migraines.

5) Lack of Movement – This leads to imbalance in hormones, increased stress levels, and ultimately increased likelihood for headaches.

If you, or a loved one have suffered with a migraine and headache in the past, take a look at the list and identify the categories where you may not be at 100%.

Making just a small change to one of these areas could mean the difference between you having to stay home from work twice a month, and never worrying about a headache again!