The‌ ‌Webster‌ ‌Technique‌ ‌and‌ ‌Why‌ ‌To‌ ‌Use‌ ‌It‌ ‌

This method is often used for pregnant women seeking chiropractic for pain relief and to create more room in the womb (for baby to adjust their posture).


If you’re here, you may be wondering what exactly the Webster Technique is (and if you should try it). Let’s dive in!


The Webster Technique is a specific kind of chiropractic adjustment. This adjustment is purposed to reduce the effects of joint disfunction and sacral subluxation. 


Sacral subluxation occurs when the sacrum experiences movement beyond its maximum range. This can be the result of many reasons including arthritis or trauma, but most commonly occurs during pregnancy.


During pregnancy sacral subluxation could cause difficulty during labor for a woman.


History Of The Webster Technique


The Webster Technique was developed by Dr. Larry Webster. After his daughter had a long birthing process, he concluded that delivery could have have been easier had the involvement of prenatal chiropractic been involved. 


He therefore created the method with the goal to ease birth for women in labor. He began to teach this new technique to chiropractors and it has since been coined the Webster Technique.


Prenatal Chiropractic


The Webster Technique is a specific prenatal approach and should be practiced by newborn chiropractors or chiropractors that are specifically trained and certified in the Webster Technique. 


As this approach has become an increasingly popular option among families and those who are preparing for birth, the need for certified chiropractors has increased. 


Preparing for Birth (Breech & Transverse Babies)


As woman go through the stages of pregnancy there are several hormonal and physical changes that take place. One common physical change is the shift to your posture because of carrying your child. 


Around the 33rd – 34th week of pregnancy most babies are prepped for delivery by turning face down. However, there are cases where the babies do not turn by this point and are in the breech or transverse position due to subluxation. If this is the case, the Webster Technique can provide a great resource.


When To Use The Webster Technique


To help the baby move itself out of the breech or transverse position to ensure a smooth and more comfortable delivery, the Webster Technique can be used to address the constraints on the baby. These adjustments are used to put the sacrum back in place to restore back to normal tension and allow the baby to turn when there is more room in the uterus. 


The important thing to note is that a chiropractor does not flip a baby as is often coined. Rather, your chiropractor will be adjusting you so that the baby has the optimal room to thereby adjust itself as well. 


Benefits Of The Webster Technique


The goal of this method is to remove the subluxation and ultimately allow your baby more room in the uterus to turn over. However, there are some additional benefits to the technique if this is an option you’re exploring.


–   Provides the baby more room in the uterus

–   Lessens the chance of needing a cesarean section during labor

–   Allows for a faster recovery after delivery


It is very safe and better yet, very effective. This gentle procedure requires no direct force to your baby and is a safe procedure. Prenatal chiropractic care is not something to be taken lightly, but by knowing the procedure, purpose, and benefits of the Webster Technique you can consult a chiropractor today.


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