2 Ways to Maximize Results in the Gym

Greenwood Village Chiropractor explains how to maximize results in the gym

If you currently work out and are looking to maximize results in the gym, this article will help you!

Most believe that nutrition and supplementation, along with lifting are the only things needed to realize huge gains.

Food and showing up to train are very important elements to maximize results at the gym, but they’re not the only requirements.

There are 2 other essential elements that need to be implemented:

1) Sleep

Nothing is more important than sleep when it comes to getting stronger.

6-hours of sleep or less makes men seem 10-years older in terms of testosterone production.  This hormone is extremely important in giving men the drive to be active and lift heavy weight.  Further more, stability muscles (which lock the spine into place) show deterioration after a lack of sleep.  And injury risk goes up by 60% if you get 5-hours or less of sleep.

In fact, the one factor of health that if changed would have the most impact on someone’s life is sleep.  And nothing is more important than sleep when attempting to maximize results in the gym.

2) Nervous System

Most know in order to be healthy they need to eat well, move, and sleep.  However, few understand the importance of a healthy, functioning nervous system.  The neurology in your body runs every single cell, tissue, and organ.  Without a healthy nervous system it’s impossible for you to be well.

A healthy nervous system is also important to muscle growth, repair, and strength.  If the brain is not communicating to the hamstrings as well as it should, risk of injury goes up.  Also, the strength gain that is achieved from a specific lift won’t be as great as it could have been.

If you’re looking to maximize your results in the gym and are interested to see if your nervous system is functioning at an optimal level, click here.

image credit: Trainer Academy