Why medications are making your headache worse…


Whenever someone comes into our office who has a headache problem, they typically inform us that they’ve been taking some sort of over-the-counter medication to relieve the pain.


To be clear, we’re not judging.

After all, we’re taught that’s what we’re supposed to do from an early age.

If you have pain, take this medication.  If you have an upset stomach, take this drug.

Let’s change direction for just a moment…I promise, I have a point.

Have you ever had an emergency light come on your dashboard while you’re driving your car?

Was it the “Check Engine” light? How about “Oil Change” due?

Now for the follow-up question, what did you do next?

Did you pull over, reach into your glove box, pull out the masking tape and cover up the light?  That way you wouldn’t have to pay attention to it anymore?

Or, did you get home, call your mechanic, and get your car into the shop as soon as possible?

The first approach seems ridiculous, doesn’t it?!  Instead of getting the problem fixed, you just cover up the warning signal with some tape?

Seems like a recipe for disaster.

As silly as it sounds, this is what most people do with their health.  Again, not entirely their fault.  Due to the constant advertising of pharmaceutical drugs and approaches, Americans are extremely likely to try masking their symptoms versus attempting to correct the problem.

Circling back to the headache…see, I told you I was going somewhere with this.

Most people choose to use Advil, Tylenol, or some other medication to cover up the discomfort of their headaches.

But again, the headaches are a symptom of something more serious going on.

Headaches may be common in our country, but that doesn’t mean they’re normal.

Furthermore, attempting to cover up your headache doesn’t make anything better.

And, if the problem isn’t getting better, it typically is getting worse.  After all, nothing in life stays the same.

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