Why energy drinks make your low energy worse

low energy drink

Monster, Red Bull, Rock Star are some of the more popular options available for low energy.

Each of these come with the claim to give you more energy.

This may be true…temporarily.

But long term, they actually make your fatigue problem much worse!

Let’s explore why this is the case…

The very idea of an energy drink is an outside-in approach.  What I mean by this is the remedy for low energy is coming from outside yourself.

This will never result in a long-term benefit.  Instead, at best it can only be short-term.

Energy is a by-product of healthy bodily function.  Taking in calories, and using them as fuel.  This process is much more efficient when we are sleeping well, getting good exercise, have healthy neurological function, etc.

If we’re missing one of these key elements, then our energy will be less than it could/should be.

Using an artificial stimulant, like an energy drink will give us a short burst of energy.  But since the body isn’t the one making it, it’s not sustainable.

Also, because the body creates the amount of energy it needs relative to the work required of it, if there is an excess of energy, as there is in the case of an energy drink, the body will halt organic energy production.

After all, there’s already plenty, what’s the point in wasting valuable resources to create more?

Long-term this will begin to erode the body’s ability to create sufficient energy stores.  You know the saying ‘if you don’t use it you lose it’ – that can be applied to this situation.

The entire goal of energy drinks are to give the body a boost of energy, not reduce it more.  Unfortunately, because of how the body responds to the environment, these energy drinks typically work the opposite way.

Your short term gain, erases any chance for long-term benefit.

Not to mention all the harmful chemicals that can be found inside these drinks.  Don’t take my word on it, do your own research.

But if you’d like more information on these harmful drinks, check out this article, and the new video we created about them below…