What’s good for your toddler to eat for breakfast?

what to eat for breakfast

It’s a common question…what’s good for your toddler to eat for breakfast?

You’re not alone if you’re unaware of what comprises the best, or even a healthy meal.

It’s hard to know, because it seems like everywhere you look there’s different information about what’s best.  In this short, video, I explain what we do with our son in order to get him the best nutrients possible to start the day off right.

When it comes to food, we try to rely on principles rather than a specific diet.  That goes for us and our kids.

When we decide what to eat for breakfast, it’s pretty simple…we’re after the most nutrient-dense foods, with little to no artificial ingredients.

So, that leaves us quite a few options in the morning.  And it’s our luck that at this point in his life Braxton enjoys eating a healthy diet.

So, what we eat for breakfast comprises of foods such as: eggs, fresh fruit, bacon, olives, and veggies.

What you won’t see Braxton eat for breakfast are foods like cereal, orange juice, bread and butter, pancakes, etc.


Because these foods are typically highly processed, full of sugar, and contain very little nutrition.

At some point in his life we know Braxton will want to eat these foods.


We are choosing to hold out as long as possible.

It’s not that we’re perfect.  And we don’t expect him to be either.  But breakfast is an important meal of the day to get certain requirements met.

For example, we need a good source of protein and fat to help our body have energy and regulate the billions of processes going on during the day.

Without it, a chain reaction inside the body occurs that gets worse over time. 

Starting your young ones off right will help instill a healthy breakfast as a good habit.  Use your leverage while you have it, and avoid the junk food.