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4 Ultimate Exercises for Sciatica Pain Relief

The feeling can be unbearable. It’s a searing, burning pain that starts in your low-back, then shoots down the back of the leg. Forget playing golf or exercising with your friends.  It takes all you have just to get in and out of bed.  Your social life gets put on hold.  Work is torture.  And

Grand Opening for Denver’s First Neuro-Structural Restoration Clinic

Well, we’ve had our doors open for 4-months now.  But we just got around to holding the Grand Opening for Denver’s first Neuro-Structural Restoration Clinic! When we first started this endeavor, we hoped to change the face of healthcare in the south Denver metro area. There is no shortage of offices that specialize in relief

The problem with pain management…

The idea of pain management is like giving up and accepting defeat. As if there’s no way you’re getting past this discomfort.  So, instead of fighting for a better quality of life, you’re going to just palliate the symptoms. Now, before we go too far, I know there are many out there who aren’t buying

How long will it take for pain relief?

How long will it take to get pain relief? It depends. How long has the pain been there? Even more important…how long has the underlying problem been there? See, pain is almost never the real problem…(why do you keep getting back pain?)