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Chiropractor in Greenwood Village explains the Lake Wobegon Effect

I wasn’t always planning to be a Chiropractor in Greenwood Village. Growing up I was always surrounded by music. Mostly classical because my parents are musicians. My dad plays the oboe, my mom plays the flute. In fact, they met during a concert they did together. My dad walked up to my mom to let

How do you know if your spine has a problem?

Why should you care if your spine has a problem? Because your spine protects the most vital organ system in your body, your Nervous System. And if you have a problem with the shield of bone, called your spine, then you will also have problems with your nervous system, which runs inside it. Furthermore, if

Number 1 strategy to avoid burnout

In this post, we’re going to share our number 1 strategy to avoid burnout. In order to illustrate our point, allow us to share a little story. Last Tuesday night, Lauren asked me to take the trash out. Our trash can is in the alley behind our garage-which is separate from our house. So, in

Is your exhaustion or low-energy genetic?

Exhaustion affects many moms in America. And if nothing is done about it, it will continue to cause havoc until something gives…usually mom’s health. While it’s a common thought process to deduct that since you’ve always been exhausted, it must be genetic.  After all, if your mom had it…that confirms it, right? WRONG! Genetics are