Prime Chiropractic 1-year Anniversary!

Greenwood Village Neuro-Structural Chiropractic Results

Prime Chiropractic was the first Neuro-Structural Chiropractic office in Greenwood Village.

And we’ve been amazed at how word has spread about our specific approach.  This week marks our 1-year anniversary!

Over the past year, we’ve been able to help hundreds of people begin the process or restoring the function of their nervous system.  As well as increasing their overall health and well-being.

Most people have found us due to their back or neck pain.  However, most of those people have decided to continue working with us because of all the other amazing things that have changed in their bodies as a result.

The average person is only familiar with Traditional Chiropractic.  This approach focuses on achieving short-term pain relief.

And there’s nothing wrong with it.  It’s just not what we do.

As a Neuro-Structural Chiropractic office, we focus on core problems in your spine and nervous system.

These core problems may contribute to pain and discomfort.  And they may also contribute to symptoms and problems you’re not thinking about, such as: digestive trouble, fatigue, sleeping difficulties, hormonal imbalances, etc.

The majority of the public also thinks chiropractic is about “cracking” and “popping” bones into place.  This isn’t true.  And is especially not the case in a Neuro-Structural office.

Traditional Chiropractic offices typically will use more force producing a lot of “popping” noises.  Although it sounds like the bones are the reason for this noise, they’re not.  This noise is simply gas being released from the joint as a result of the force being applied by the clinician.

However, in a Neuro-Structural Chiropractic office like Prime Chiropractic, we use very little force.  So, the person receiving care will not experience any popping or discomfort.

Once someone has been accepted into care at Prime, it becomes very obvious the differences in our approach.

The nervous system plays a very important role in the body.  Taking care of it should be our highest priority.