Top tips for reducing headaches

If you’re like most people, you’ve dealt with headaches at some point in your life.  The truth is, most people suffer with headaches.

But, just because they are common doesn’t make them normal.  In fact, no headache is a sign of normalcy.  The discomfort means there is a problem somewhere.

Headaches are what I consider “collateral damage”.

HeadachesThey aren’t the “core problem”.  They’re occurring because of some other issue in the body.

This could be due to high blood pressure, lack of oxygen, eating all sorts of terribleness the night before, or shifting in the spine, to name a few.

When we practiced in San Diego, we had a practice member named Sonia.

She suffered with debilitating headaches.  They were so bad that she no longer exercised for fear of creating a headache that would last days at a time and cause her to miss work.

Her boyfriend found out about us from watching one of our youtube videos, and told her to come see us.

When she came in, it was very evident what was going on with her spine.  She had 3 core problems (2 in the neck, and 1 in her low-back) and her neck had completely shifted.

She’d lost the entire curve in her cervical spine.  It was literally bending the spinal cord back on itself!

That’s typically a good recipe for all sorts of pain, discomfort, and other symptoms.

On top of everything else, she was dealing with loads of stress in her life.  Her job required her to work at a computer for long hours, and she had tons of emotional stress piled on her shoulders.

When she came in the first thing I told her was that she could overcome these headaches, and I’d show her the way, but it would be up to her to follow-through.

I’m not a miracle worker, don’t pretend to be.

I’m more of a guide.  By using methods based on science and experience, I’m able to restore better function to the nervous system and spine.  Ultimately, it’s up to the person I’m guiding to begin taking control of their body and life.

Sonia was no different.  We put her on a 5-month corrective program.  And as we began working together, she immediately noticed her headaches decrease.

In the first 3-months, she only suffered 2 episodes of headaches.  After the 3rd month, she didn’t suffer with her headaches anymore.

Again, this wasn’t entirely due to me.  

I corrected the core problems in her nervous system, but also shared some steps Sonia needed to be taking at home when she wasn’t with me.

After she had implemented these steps, her headaches ceased to exist, and she was able to get back to doing the things she wanted to be doing.

The reason I share this story is because there are a ton of Sonias out there.

Hopefully, some of them read this post because…

I’ve included a video with many of the tips I shared with Sonia when we were working together.

If you are suffering with the headaches, please watch and utilize the strategies I share in the latest video.