Is walking enough?


Do you enjoy walking?

Is it a portion of your exercise?

Or, is it all you do?

Walking is a great way to get some movement.  However, it might not be the only thing that should be counted on to meet all your exercise requirements.

The body was designed to move.  In fact, without movement, we begin to break down and lose health.  Therefore, in order to have a body that functions in its prime, we need to fulfill our movement requirements.

Most Americans don’t get enough exercise.  According to government guidelines, the average citizen should get 30-minutes of exercise (walking, or equivalent) per day.  However, most get less than 2-3 days consistently.

This recommendation can be misleading.  The reason for this is because the 30-minutes of exercise is to help ward off things like heart disease – which is very important.


I hate playing defense.  Offense is so much more fun!

If all we’re attempting to do with our exercise is to avoid or prevent some health issue, then we’re always playing from behind.

Instead, if we want to maximize our health and get the most out of our bodies, then we need to approach our movement differently than what’s recommended.

As I mentioned before, walking is a great way to get some exercise.  But, if this is the only thing you’re doing, your body won’t get the movement requirements it needs daily and weekly.

The reason for this is because walking engages your feet, ankles, knees, hips, spine, and arms.  However, it doesn’t incorporate all the joints in your body.  Furthermore, some of the joints (knees, hips, vertebrae) don’t move as much as they could in other movements.

By not stressing these joints to their end-range, over time we will lose the motion.  What you don’t move, you lose.  Degeneration and break down will occur in areas of the body that are not used.

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