How to use intense fear to guide you…

Let fear guide you

I think this video is important because I want to talk about stress and negativity, and how to let fear guide you to be more productive and successful.

I made some phone calls today and was talking to some different people and I think the overall belief/feeling right now is there’s a lot of fear for the future.

And this is something I know a little bit about because when I opened my practice two years ago, there was a lot of

I took out a huge loan to open the business in a new place where we didn’t have any traction.

And on top of everything else, you’ve got student loans, which are enormous and you’ve got a family that you’re trying to feed.

So, my stress levels were at an all-time high and to be honest with you, they stayed like that.

They didn’t really go anywhere.

Every day is something new…

But I’ll tell you one thing that works…

And I know this will help anyone out there.

Whether your fear is about finances in the future, fears about getting sick, or worry about your relationship.

I think the biggest thing is taking the stress and letting the fear guide you.

Turn the negativity into action.

Because if you use the stress, and you use the fear to make you work, it’s a very positive thing.

If it paralyzes you, well, then it’s terrible.

And that’s where I think it gets the bad rap.

But for me when I opened my business…every morning I woke up, I felt like I just had this pit in my stomach.

This enormous pressure on my chest and I used that.

I didn’t focus on it too much.

I just used that to guide me to work harder and it’s paid off in big ways.

I know this can be the same.

If it’s fear about your health, use that fear and start putting it in action.

Get better food, get more movement, get better sleep.

Do all the things that I always tell you guys about.

If it’s fear about finances, then start looking into other ways to make some money.

There’s plenty of things out there.

There’s no shortage of opportunities and ways to make money, and now is the time.

Now is the time to get yourself into action.

So, whether it’s that or anything else that you’re fearful of, use that fear to pushet  you.