How long will it take for pain relief?

How long for pain relief

How long will it take to get pain relief?

It depends.

How long has the pain been there?

Even more important…how long has the underlying problem been there?

See, pain is almost never the real problem…(why do you keep getting back pain?

It’s what I consider collateral damage.  Meaning, it’s happening as the result of some other issue that may seem related, or may not.

Pain is a symptom…and symptoms are always the last thing to show up.  The first thing to show up when there’s a problem is malfunction.  You don’t necessarily ‘feel’ anything because the problem hasn’t been present long enough to trigger symptoms.

However, as the malfunction continues to grow, it evolves into a diagnosable condition/disease/syndrome.  Once the disease state has been present for a period of time, it typically begins to cause symptoms.  But this process can take years, or even decades to reach the level where you may feel pain.

With that said, expecting the pain to go away in a few short weeks, or months, after the pain has been present for dozens of months, or possibly years is unrealistic.

The healing process in the body can take between 12-18 months.  This is based off the average time for every cell in the body to die and be replaced by new cells.

If you are making sure to get all the proper requirements that your body needs to function at an optimal level, then the new cells that replace the old ones will be healthier and less prone to the problems you’ve experienced in the past.

However, if you’re not getting the requirements, or in the amount that is needed, then expect the pain relief process to take longer, or not happen at all.

There are thousands of quick-fix methods for each one of the myriad of symptoms people experience.  However, none of these quick-fix methods do anything for the underlying problem that’s causing the pain.

If you want to get lasting pain relief, it will take time, and consistency in giving your body what it needs to achieve a better level of health.

How long?

Plan for 12-18 months.

The longer the pain has been around, and the more sever the problem, the longer it will take to heal fully.