Grand Opening for Denver’s First Neuro-Structural Restoration Clinic

What is Neuro-Structural Restoration Greenwood Village chiropractic office

Well, we’ve had our doors open for 4-months now.  But we just got around to holding the Grand Opening for Denver’s first Neuro-Structural Restoration Clinic!

When we first started this endeavor, we hoped to change the face of healthcare in the south Denver metro area.

Grand opening Prime Chiropractic Neuro-Structural Restoration

There is no shortage of offices that specialize in relief care, and treatments designed to relieve symptoms.

However, when we looked around we found very few, if any offices that focused on maximizing the health of the body.

PRIME Chiropractic was created to help ensure the human body gets all the requirements it needs on a daily basis in order to function and heal properly.

Without these requirements, disease, injury, and dis-function are inevitable.

Most people are familiar with Traditional Chiropractic.

Which focuses on short-term pain relief…this approach isn’t much different than any other therapy or modality in healthcare.

There’s nothing wrong with this…it’s just not our focus at PRIME.

We specialize in Neuro-Structural Restoration.

ribbon cutting Prime Chiropractic Neuro-Structural Restoration

This means we focus on core problems in your spine and nervous system that may be contributing to pain, but may also contribute to things you’re not even aware of…yet.

With such a different approach to healthcare, it typically takes some time to build awareness and a community that understands what you do.

However, we’ve been extremely blessed with the south Denver residents.  They have really taken to the Neuro-Structural Restoration approach and our Grand Opening reflects that.

We had close to 100-guests attend the event.

We also had dozens of raffle prizes that were donated to us by businesses around the area.  As well as free food, drinks, and massage available to the attendees.

We couldn’t have asked for a better first 4-months.  We’re so excited for the future and the things yet to come for PRIME Chiropractic.

Here are some more photos from the night, taken by the extremely talented Charli from Glare Studio.