We are a chiropractic practice that cares! Prime Chiropractic is a Neuro Structural Chiropractor serving Parker, Colorado, DTC, and the South Denver metro area. We focus on helping our clients live with less pain by providing a customizable approach to each client to understand your needs and provide a gentle chiropractic solution. Whether you are suffering from migraines, a sports related injury, neck pain, postpartum discomfort or simply just looking for a neuro-structural chiropractor to incorporate into your life we are here to help!

Welcome to Prime Chiropractic (We are in Greenwood Village, just a short drive from Parker, CO)

Opened in 2018 by Dr. Matt Pennetti and his wife Dr. Lauren Penetti, Prime Chiropractic is the first Neuro-Structural Chiropractic office near Parker. 

While we focus on alleviating pain and discomfort for clients, we take a different approach to pain relief. Instead of focusing on just treating symptoms, we address the core problems that are causing pain and discomfort so we can provide our clients with long term results and relief! 

Services We Offer

As a Neuro structural chiropractic office, we offer a wide variety of services to clients in Parker and the greater Denver Metro area including

  • Headaches – Emotional stress, pinched nerves, nutrition, whiplash, and hormonal imbalance can contribute to headaches
  • Lower Back Pain – Your back pain may be a dull ache, sharp, stabbing, or sharp, shooting pain into your lower back and down your legs.  Chiropractic care is highly effective at providing pain relief and correcting the spinal problems contributing to your pain.
  • Sciatica – Pain running down the lower back, through the buttock, and into the leg is defined as sciatica.  There are multiple reasons for sciatica, your spine being one of them.  The symptoms of sciatica are signs that there is a core problem in your lower back.  Dr. Pennetti can uncover the hidden cause and recommend appropriate treatment or next steps.

And much more!

Where We Are Located

We are located just a short drive from Parker just outside the Denver Tech Center at 5956 S Holly Street, Greenwood Village, CO 80111. Prime Chiropractic is located on the Northeast side of The Orchards Shopping Center that is at the corner of Holly and Orchard Rd.

For Directions from Parker, CO to Prime Chiropractic, click here.

Schedule A Visit Today

To schedule an appointment or reach out for more information, you can book online at https://primechiropracticdenver.com/contact-us/ or you can give us a call at 720.676.6440. Dr Pennetti and the team look forward to hearing from you !