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My battle with OCD and COVID-19

You don’t know this about me… In 2010 I was diagnosed with OCD. Irrational fears. My life was a wreck. I had trouble going outside or being around people. At one point, I had to temporarily leave chiropractic school because I couldn’t function. The fear paralyzed me. I’m not fishing for sympathy. I’m telling you

Feeding your new baby

What’s the best way of feeding your new baby? My answer may surprise you… I am not a “breast is best person”, I am also not a “fed is best person. I am a “supported is best” person. Regardless of how you choose to feed you brand new baby, every new mom should feel supported

Why is chronic pain so hard to fix?

Interesting question, right? What if you were born without the ability to feel pain? Would that be a good thing? Let me flip it on you… Is pain a bad thing? I believe it’s good to have pain, and that we should be thankful for the signal. Here’s why… If you were born without pain,

Greenwood Village Chiropractor: Don’t Take Your Health For Granted

For many people in America, they’re far too good at taking their health for granted. It reminds me of my family’s trip to Glenwood Springs this past weekend.  We wanted to get away for a few days before the summer officially ended. It was a great time.  Braxton had never been to the Hot Springs