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3 reasons you may be struggling with fatigue

Fatigue is a common problem in America today. Every American deals with it in varying degrees.  One of the populations most affected by sleep is working moms. They’re always on the go…between getting the kids ready for school, accomplishing everything that needs to be done at the office, cooking food for the family, etc. It’s

#1 thing to consider in a workout…

I’m always moving.  Because movement is a requirement for a healthy body. When I’m not moving or getting a workout in at my house, I’m training at the Lion’s Den. The reason I choose to workout at the Lion’s Den is due to their spine-first approach. Here’s the thing…when you work for a living, you’re

How to avoid the flu this year…

With the season upon us, everyone is looking for a way to avoid the flu. We’ve been getting lots of questions in the practice about it.  So, I decided to create a post about some of the most important things to consider this flu season, along with what you can do to avoid the flu.

What really causes heart disease

Low-fat foods was, and still is a thing… For years, Americans have done their best to avoid foods high in fat so they don’t get heart disease. And there are millions who still think they’re doing the right thing by staying away from fatty foods. Low-fat diets are still encouraged by many sources, various doctor