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Most Common Back Injuries Suffered at Work

Back injuries are some of the most common types of work injuries. In fact, you may have suffered a back injury at work without even realizing it. A back injury can be sudden, or it can develop over time. When you are aware of the most common back injuries suffered at work, you can take

Feeding your new baby

What’s the best way of feeding your new baby? My answer may surprise you… I am not a “breast is best person”, I am also not a “fed is best person. I am a “supported is best” person. Regardless of how you choose to feed you brand new baby, every new mom should feel supported

Be happy for pain

I remember when I had to go to college.  All my classmates and friends were ecstatic to go away. I was not. My favorite thing to do was hang out at home with my dog and parents.  And I was going to have to leave all that and move away. It was the hardest thing

How to find a good chiropractor

It’s hard to find a good chiropractor. Especially, if you’re a consumer with little to no experience with chiropractic. It’s also hard to know who to trust. Chiropractic gets a bad rap.  Some of it is just, but a lot of it is unfair. Some traditional chiropractors have gotten into trouble in the past by claiming