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How much sleep is needed?

How much sleep is needed? It’s a question that most ask themselves at one point or another.  The answer is no less than 7-hours. In fact, according to Neuroscientist, Matthew Walker anything less than the bare minimum of 7-hours and scientists can show a measurable decrease in performance. For example, the lungs are 20-30% less

Prime Chiropractic 1-year Anniversary!

Prime Chiropractic was the first Neuro-Structural Chiropractic office in Greenwood Village. And we’ve been amazed at how word has spread about our specific approach.  This week marks our 1-year anniversary! Over the past year, we’ve been able to help hundreds of people begin the process or restoring the function of their nervous system.  As well

Treating back pain doesn’t work

Treating back pain doesn’t work and I’m going to explain why. But first, let me share some background. When Lauren and I were planning to build Prime Chiropractic in Greenwood Village 2-years ago, we looked at the landscape and realized something… Almost every healthcare office we researched had one thing in common… Treatment of symptoms.

Stress: The Realtor’s Survival Guide

Many people in the general public view real estate as a profession that doesn’t require tons of time and effort to make money.  They believe real estate agents only work when they have to show a house, or close a deal. All realtors know this isn’t the case.  There’s actually a ton of work and