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Chiropractic and Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Many adults and children suffering from digestive disorders use daily medications to alleviate the symptoms. Others find relief though dietary, supplement, and exercise changes. Few healthcare providers offer spinal care recommendations to those dealing with digestive complaints even though studies prove a direct link between the spine and digestion. Research from 2007 revealed a connection

Who do you trust?

Are you struggling with who to believe? When it comes to the current situation, no doubt, there’s a big division. Much of it is political. I do not concern myself with politics, as I believe both sides are far from perfect. What I care about is a fair discussion around the health concerns, so that

My battle with OCD and COVID-19

You don’t know this about me… In 2010 I was diagnosed with OCD. Irrational fears. My life was a wreck. I had trouble going outside or being around people. At one point, I had to temporarily leave chiropractic school because I couldn’t function. The fear paralyzed me. I’m not fishing for sympathy. I’m telling you

What chiropractors do for back pain

In this article, I’m going to explain what chiropractors do for back pain. Because, while it’s rare that I experience back pain, I did trigger some recently. With the stay-at-home rules in effect, I had been sitting a lot more than usual. I was working on the computer, sitting on the couch…pretty much everything I