Be happy for pain

be happy for your pain Greenwood Village Chiropractor explains why

I remember when I had to go to college.  All my classmates and friends were ecstatic to go away.

I was not.

My favorite thing to do was hang out at home with my dog and parents.  And I was going to have to leave all that and move away.

It was the hardest thing I’d ever done to that point in my life.  But I learned so much about myself by doing it.  To the point where I spent the next 10-years of my life everywhere BUT back home in Denver.

This theme has reoccurred many times in my life.  Anytime I’m presented with an enormous challenge, or struggle, I’m filled with dread, anxiety, and doubt.

But as soon as I complete the task, or go forward into the obstacle I realize how much I’m learning and how much I’ve grown.  In the end, I’m always grateful for the experience.

When it comes to health, everyone has their own challenges.  They may be as severe as cancer or heart disease, or something like losing 10-pounds or overcoming back pain.

What I’ve noticed is that pain is a heck of a motivator.

Without it very people have the drive to change bad habits and patterns in their life.

When pain is interrupting your life, we do anything to get rid of it.  And this is a good thing.  Something to be thankful for.  Be happy for pain, because without it few things would ever change.

When I say pain, I also mean suffering.  This can be found in physical health issues, but it’s also found in business, relationships, and any mental challenge.

Pain is the ultimate driver to better things.  Without it we have no desire to improve.

The greatest thing about humans is our push to innovate.  In fact, this might be what makes us human.  All the animals in the world have their own special qualities that keep them from going extinct.

When you look at a human, what do we do well?  We don’t have big teeth, we’re not fast, or terribly strong.  We’re awkward in a lot of ways, except for one…our drive to create better things.

But I believe this all stems from pain and suffering.

Be happy for pain.

The next time your neck is bothering you, be grateful for the signal.  Without it, you would probably continue doing the harmful activities that led you to that position.

Pain will force you to search for solutions.  Keep your eyes open.  Find what resonates with you and begin healing your body and all the bad habits that got your here.