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Is sitting bad?

As a chiropractor in Greenwood Village, I feel like it’s my duty to help our community understand the nasty effects of sitting. By now, you’ve probably seen the headlines.  Or, heard people like me talk about it. And you’re probably wondering…. Is sitting bad? The short answer is, yes.  It’s as bad as you’ve been

Best Chiropractic Office in Centennial

Over 3-years ago, Dr. Lauren and I started planning for Prime Chiropractic. We knew what we didn’t want… We didn’t want to be an office that felt, or conducted business like any other doctor’s office.  We wouldn’t run a mill that just turns and burns practice members. Nor did we want to have an office

How to fix a pinched nerve in the neck

As a Greenwood Village chiropractor, I see my fair share of neck related issues. From stiff necks, to neck pain and neck aches, I’ve seen it all. But the question that I tend to get the most is: How do I fix a pinched nerve in the neck? If you’ve ever suffered with this, you

5 reasons for a migraine and headache

June marks the start of Migraine and Headache Awareness Month. And after what seems like 6-months of winter, spring is finally showing up around the Greenwood Village area! The dreary weather outside was enough to give someone a migraine and headache. Lauren is ready to kill me for dragging her from San Diego for this

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