#1 thing to consider in a workout…


I’m always moving.  Because movement is a requirement for a healthy body.

When I’m not moving or getting a workout in at my house, I’m training at the Lion’s Den.

The reason I choose to workout at the Lion’s Den is due to their spine-first approach.

Here’s the thing…when you work for a living, you’re usually performing repetitive motions, putting your body in compromising positions, and developing imbalances.

These are all recipes for pain and injury.

If you take the bad habits you’re constantly developing and combine them with the typical gym workout – you’re moving much closer to disaster.

Much of the time, I see injuries happen due to a lack of focus on the most important variable…your spine.

If you neglect your spine and disregard your form while training, you will suffer the consequences, either now, or in the future.

For some that equates to back and neck pain, for others it’s knee, shoulder, or elbow issues.

This gets even more important when you begin to add in more complex movements and weight.

Furthermore, if you have shifting of the individual segments in your spine…xray back pain relief workout

Regardless of the form you have in your workout, you’re predisposed to injury and problems.

With all that said, I consider myself very well educated when it comes to bio-mechanics and movement of the body.  However, I still find it extremely beneficial to have an observer watch my movements and critique what I’m doing well, or poorly.

I say all this to help you understand that not all gyms/workouts are created equal.

Hands-on instruction from a trainer who understands the body is crucial.  A couple weekend courses, the extent of many trainers knowledge on the subject, is not a sufficient amount of time to gain expert knowledge of the bio-mechanics of the body.

To become an expert on movement of the body takes years and years.  I’ve been at this for 8+ years and still learn things daily.

At the Lion’s Den, you will find that expert knowledge.  I’m very comfortable referring my practice base to this facility because of my own experience.

Here’s a video interview I did with Wade Bass-owner/trainer at the Lion’s Den.  In the video, we talk more about their approach, as well as discuss a great spine-first exercise for back pain relief